Sun Empire, The Rise and Fall from Dusk till Dawn, 03/09/2016

June 26, 2016

♣ SUN EMPIRE 2016 ♣

Saturdays in September

Opening hours: 2 am – 6 am

Before clubs, bars and luxury hotels, Hvar was well known tourist destination among rich and educated people and people who knew how to have fun ☺

So every saturday this summer we will try to bring those glory days back and revive ghosts of Hvar’s past.

Dive into the ancient centuries of Hvar’s history.
Smell the scent of lavander. Let our grotesca ghosts gide you just where we want you to be, in space between dream and reality!

We invite you to leave your mark in Hvar’s rich history so the story can go on, and on…

+385 21 742 283