Zielona Góra – March better by 50 percent. as of February

Zielona Góra-Babimost airport – March by 50 percent better. as of February

photo. archive of Zielona Gora Airport

In March, 1713 travelers used the services of Zielona Góra airport, which is 50 percent more than a month ago. For comparison: in March 2019 the port in Babimost served 1701 people.

The number of air operations has almost tripled month-on-month: from 127 in February to as many as 342 in March. It’s also a vast improvement over what was reported in March 2019, when 118 takeoffs and landings were recorded in reports from the Port of Zielona Gora.
As before, the vast majority of our clients travelled on LOT planes between Zielona Góra and Warsaw.

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