Karol Krawczyk director of operations at the Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw

Karol Krawczyk Director of Operations at Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw

Karol Krawczyk/fot. archive of Polonia Palace Hotel

Karol Krawczyk has been with Polonia Palace for 8 years. He started as catering manager and was responsible for the restaurant, bar and MICE department. For the last 5 years he has been holding the position of deputy general director and in April 2022 he took the position of operational director.

Krawczyk’s main tasks included building a professional team and training catering staff, calculating offers, planning events and working with contractors. Operational management of events, optimization of costs and raising the level of catering services, which resulted in increasing the number of events organized, their quality and, consequently, guests’ satisfaction.

In his role as Deputy General Manager, his responsibilities have expanded to include overseeing renovations at the historic hotel, working with film crews and planning the work of operational departments during the pandemic. He also supported with his experience the other two facilities of “Syrena” Warsaw Hotels Group – MDM and Metropol. He advised on cost and menu optimization, contacts with suppliers and negotiation of contract terms with contractors. Before joining the Polonia Palace, he worked for many years in the catering department of Warsaw’s Sheraton hotel.

In 2019 he took part in the “Young EHMA” program, which is aimed at young managers of the best hotels in Europe and is a practical part of the educational activities of the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA) based in Rome. The organization exists since 1974 and currently has over 400 representatives from 29 countries. The aim of EHMA is to create a platform for exchange of best practices and experiences from established hotels in Europe. The organization promotes the European hotel industry and the best traditions of the industry developed over the years. Thanks to participation in Young EHMA Karol gained access to the hotel community in Europe, whose members exchange their experience and know-how in order to provide services and standards of the highest quality, in line with current trends and guests’ expectations.

Pawel Lewtak, general manager of the Polonia Palace Hotel and member of the board of HW “Syrena”, said: “Karol’s promotion is a confirmation of our long-standing practice of training young staff, not only managers. We invest in people and develop their natural talents through external and internal training, cross-training and participation in industry conferences. We give them access to knowledge. I am glad that Karol will support me in the operational activities of the hotel and thanks to his ability to build good relations with people he will be a great link between all the departments.”

In his new position Karol Krawczyk will be responsible for comprehensive management of all operations of the hotel. Privately, he is a big fan of skiing.

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