PHN joins campaign “Easter breakfast for Ukraine”

Polish Independent Hotels have joined the “Easter Breakfast for Ukraine” action

photo. PHN archive

Hotels belonging to the Polish Independent Hotels Group have joined a nationwide campaign “Easter breakfast for Ukraine” initiated by Caritas and the Polish Hotel Holding.

Elżbieta Lendo, President of Polish Independent Hotels, said: “There are a lot of sensitive and simply good people working in our Group, who do not need to be asked twice. The invitation to take part in the “Easter breakfast for Ukraine” campaign was immediately accepted by many of our facilities, which understanding the trauma of Ukrainian refugees, decided to prepare an Easter breakfast for Ukrainians on the occasion of the Orthodox Easter.”

Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, the President of the Polish Hotel Holding added: “I am glad that the Polish Independent Hotels Group joined the action “Easter breakfast for Ukraine” and together with Caritas and us will invite guests from Ukraine to their hotels and facilities. This shows the solidarity of our industry, which proves that it has a big heart, giving our guests the opportunity to experience this day in a safe and friendly atmosphere. I strongly encourage other hoteliers and restaurateurs to join this project”.

Elżbieta Lendo emphasized: “This is not the first aid that our hotels provide for Ukraine. In addition to the extremely important accommodation and catering, we are proud to witness local events such as the charity concert “The world of gastronomy for Ukraine” at the Haston City Hotel in Wroclaw, the “Smile for Ukraine” concert at the MCC Mazurkas Hotel in Ozarow Mazowiecki, a large scale collection and delivery of medical supplies and food to orphanages and field hospitals in Ukraine at the Stay inn Hotel in Gdansk, donating the revenue from the overnight stays at the conference ‘Woman Hotelier’ at the Willa Port in Ostroda for the benefit of Ukraine, and many other similar actions in other hotels of the Group.
Today, Ukrainian women and men, far from their often destroyed homes, separated from their closest family and friends, with no guarantee of a return to normality, observe the preparations of Poles for Easter. This is an extremely difficult time for them. We cannot be indifferent to the pain, worries and emotions. Out of a sense of responsibility, but also out of a need to show what real Polish hospitality is, we want to invite Ukrainians to our tables, to give them a substitute of Christmas, carrying a very important message for them: hope.”

Easter Breakfast for Ukraine is organized in partnership with Caritas Poland and the Polish Hotel Holding, and Polish Independent Hotels join this action. Participating hotels and establishments prepare, within the limits of their possibilities, breakfasts for Ukrainian refugees on April 24, which is the date of the Orthodox Easter. of ukrainian traditions. There will be Ukrainian borscht, Christmas Eve passover, but also heartfelt wishes for a quick end to the war in Ukraine.

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