Air France from Warsaw by Airbus A220-300

Air France: Airbus A220-300 flies from Warsaw

The newest Airbus in the colors of Air France at Chopin Airport / photo. Chopin Airport Archive

On Friday evening, Warsaw’s Flying Kennedy Airport was scheduled to begin operations to Canada. Chopin will welcome Air France’s Airbus A220-300 for the first time. The aircraft is the latest acquisition in the fleet of the French airline. The Airbus, which arrived on a scheduled service from Paris to Warsaw, is one of the first aircraft in service from Air France’s total order of 60.

The A220 aircraft will replace older aircraft in a gradual renewal of the airline’s European fleet. In addition to lower operating costs, the Airbus 220-300 has many other advantages: it is quieter, emits less CO2 and provides more comfort. Passengers travel in comfortable and modernly designed cabins, enjoying a range of amenities including on-board Wi-Fi. This type of aircraft currently serves Air France’s European routes from Paris to Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Bologna, Lisbon, Milan, Rome and Copenhagen. Since April, it can also be found on the route from / to Warsaw.

Deliveries of the aircraft have already been progressing since October 2021 as part of the order, which includes a total of 60 A220 aircraft, as well as 30 options and 30 purchase rights. Currently (as of early April 2022), the airline operates 8 Airbus A220-300. New planes operate Air France routes from/to Paris to/from selected cities in Europe, including.including. Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Bologna, Lisbon, Milan, Rome and Copenhagen. From the beginning of April the plane will also be available on the route from/to Warsaw and gradually in other European cities.
Ultimately, the Airbus A220-300 will constitute nearly 60 percent of the French carrier’s European fleet.

The new addition to the fleet embodies Air France’s ambitions in terms of environmental care and sustainability. Thanks to modern engines and construction with lighter composite materials, the Airbus A220 stands out in terms of fuel consumption, which is 20 percent lower, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions from the flight, also by 20 percent. In addition, the machine is 34 percent quieter. The new aircraft are designed to help Air France meet its sustainability goals, including reducing carbon emissions. The carrier has pledged to reduce its total carbon emissions by 50 percent per passenger/kilometer or 15 percent in absolute terms by 2030. The airline is also committed to working with all its stakeholders and public authorities to achieve the climate goal of zero net CO2 emissions by 2050.

Air France’s Airbus A220-300 takes 148 passengers on board. With a 3+2 seating configuration (a total of 5 seats per row), 80 percent of passengers can take their preferred window or aisle seats. In both economy and business cabins, travelers enjoy on-board Wi-Fi on their own mobile devices thanks to Air France Connect. Three different service options are available to passengers, including free messaging through popular messengers.

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