Travel agents – August events get more expensive

Travel agents – August events get more expensive

Beach at Macadi Bay in Egypt/phot. AG

Last week, the average price for trips departing between 1 and 7 August 2022 increased by 28 PLN compared to the previous week and by 649 PLN compared to the previous season. The highest year-on-year increase in prices for trips to Spain’s Costa dela Luz – by an average of PLN 1187.

Travel price analysis by TravelDATA, a travel market research institute that collects data from the organized outbound travel market, covers the first week of August, which is August 1 – August 7, 2022.

The highest average price increase was recorded for Rhodes – by PLN 130, and to a slightly lesser extent Portugal and Lanzarote – by an average of PLN 103 and 101. The biggest price drop was on Spain’s Costa de la Luz – by an average of 186 zloty, and smaller ones on Zakintos and Tenerife – by 79 and 41 zloty.

Average fare still much higher than last year

A survey of average fares compared to last year’s prices for departures in the first week of August 2022 showed that the average price was PLN 649 higher than the previous season’s average price. The highest annual increase in prices of trips to the Spanish Costa dela Luz – by an average of 1187 PLN, and slightly smaller increases in prices on the Chalcidian Peninsula and Sinai – by 1054 and 984 PLN.

In the past week, prices fell only in Malta – by an average of 54 zlotys.

Egypt and the Canary Islands have become more expensive

Among the leading destinations, the highest annual increases in trip prices were once again in Egypt – by an average of 844 PLN and on the Canary Islands – by 782 PLN. More modest were the price increases in Greece and Bulgaria – by 593 and 589 PLN, and the smallest in Turkey – by 422 PLN.

On less frequented destinations, the biggest year-on-year price increases were in mainland Spain, Porugal and Italy – by 987, 870 and 824 zlotys. Smaller increases were recorded in Majorca, Albania, Morocco, Cyprus and Tunisia – by 569, 688, 530, 467 and 406 PLN respectively. Malta was the only destination where a price drop was noted, and it amounted to 54 PLN.

The cheapest offers in TUI Poland

In what matters more to tourists, i.e. the number of the most attractive levels of current tour prices, i.e. first or second place among 30 summer season destinations in three hotel categories, in the twentieth comparison of the peak summer season 2022 TUI Poland was in the leading position, as was the case for most of the previous season, with a number of 56 offers (previously 57 offers, a year ago 50, and two years ago 45 offers). This organizer was ahead of Exim Tours with 26 offers (26 offers before, 27 offers last year, and 26 offers two years ago) and Coral Travel with 21 offers (21 offers before, 20 offers last year, and 20 offers two years ago).

Egypt is also the cheapest in TUI

The most attractive Egyptian destinations were offered by TUI Poland – 7 offers and Exim Tours and Coral Travel – 3 offers each, while the Greek destinations were dominated by Exim Tours and TUI Poland – 8 and 7 offers respectively. Again, TUI Poland and Itaka had the most attractive offers for the Canary Islands destinations – 12 and 6 offers, whereas for the Turkish destinations Coral Travel and TUI Poland had 9 offers each. In Tunisia, TUI Poland and Coral Travel had the most attractive offers – 7 and 6, whereas in Bulgaria TUI Poland had 3 offers.

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