Airline ticket sales mid-December – Thailand Dubai launched with much cheaper tickets

Air ticket sales mid-December – Thailand Dubai launched with much cheaper tickets

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We have airline ticket sales data for mid-December. Noticeable good performance from Bangkok and Phuket, which might have been pleasing until yesterday. Dubai still the leader although gross sales are lower than a year ago, but this is the result of a radical drop in the average value of tickets sold.

Thailand has started, but we already know that it was a swan song

What is most notable in the results is the good performance of Bangkok and Phuket. Numerous airline promotions had the expected effect. For the first time in almost 2 years, Bangkok has entered the top 5 destinations sold. And it is worth noting that Phuket came in at a good 11th place.

Unfortunately, we now know that this was probably Thailand’s swan song. Yesterday’s decision to withdraw from the Test procedure&Go and the reintroduction of quarantine is largely ruining Thai efforts to return to the international tourism market, which is a great pity.

Dubai still the leader we have a year-on-year decrease in gross sales

Nothing has changed in the case of Dubai, it is still an unmatched leader. However, two facts are worth noting. For the first time in a long time, we can reliably compare data year on year and they show a 5% drop in gross sales in this direction. However, it is mainly due to a significant drop in average price. No joke, the decline reached nearly 40% for tickets sold for December.

The travel industry is certainly pleased with this turn of events, cheap tickets mean a cheap travel package for the customer. This state of affairs will probably last until the end of March. LOT is still promoting Dubai, today in the “Mad Wednesday” we have the gross price of 1599, and if we had miles at our disposal – in the Miles promotion&More flights for just over PLN 200.

Please note yesterday’s news from Wizz Air regarding the Krakow-Dubai flight. It will stir up the market in February-March. However, all signs point to the fact that this is just another “battle reconnaissance” in order to make a final decision on whether to bet on Katowice or Krakow.

Strong Colombo and Panama, significant drop in Maldives

Noteworthy is the very strong position of Colombo, which is due to group sales, third place is still surprising. Similarly for Panama, which is on the 6th position.

A big drop was recorded in the Maldives, more than 70% decline is probably a consequence of the recovery of sales in competitive destinations such as the aforementioned Thailand and Sri Lanka. Certainly the effect of the high last year’s base did its part.

The U.S. not bad, although expectations were certainly much higher

American destinations were supposed to be the engine of revival for LOT. Although their results do not look bad, the sales volumes are quite miserable. They will certainly not allow to fill up the planes in a satisfactory way. And that it is so is evident from the following Miles&More promotions on Miami and recently also on New York.

For the record, Miami is ranked No. 9, JFK No. 10 and Los Angeles is 12th.

European destinations in total retreat, business traffic died down again

Unfortunately, there is still no glimpse of the return of business traffic on medium-haul destinations in Europe. This time none of them even made it into the top ten. So far, at least Paris and Istanbul have fought bravely against exotica. Today, the best of the European destinations, Brussels is in 12th place.

Among status quo agents, let’s note the strong performance of GAS and Rainbow

There are no surprises in the results of eSky agents, eTravel and WNT occupy the podium, just behind them traditionally Primapol. Excellent 5th position is occupied by GAS. Worth noting is the eighth result of Rainbow, mainly thanks to Sri Lanka and Dubai.

With the business traffic waning, maritime agents are also improving their positions again.

The next few weeks will not change much, ad-hoc sales will go to open destinations. Recent news from Thailand and also from Air Seychelles, which finally postponed the start of the flight from Warsaw ad Kalendas Graekas do not fill with optimism.

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