Dubai – the dominator – airline ticket sales for November

Dubai the dominator – airline ticket sales for November

We already have the results of airline ticket sales by IATA agents in November. They confirm the strengthening of the trends observed in the partial results. Dubai dominates even more, USA has gained an important part of the market, consolidators Primapol and Time4Travel with great achievements.

Dominator Dubai, average prices down – the market is happy and Emirates is crying

Dubai has already accustomed us to sensational sales results, but what happened in November exceeded all expectations. The advantage over the second ranked Maldives is overwhelming. The second place did not reach even 1/3 of what was generated by Dubai. Of course, it is clear that such a good result was influenced by the EXPO world exhibition. And first of all Polish Day and Polish-Arabic Forum, which took place in the first days of December.

However, we still have a boom in tourism and dynamic package tours, the trend will be further reversed by Ecco Travel, which is entering this segment more strongly.

It is worth noting one very interesting aspect, namely the significant drop in the average ticket price for Dubai. It is not cosmetic, is located in the region of – 37 percent. Compared to last year. For flights sold in December the drop was even higher, more than 40 percent. Now we can imagine what would be the domination of Dubai, if the tickets were at last year’s prices. Of course, companies flying to EXPO and travel agencies offering dynamic package deals are happy about lower prices.

Emirates is in a different situation, the carrier made high prices last year, which saved the profitability of flights on the Warsaw-Dubai line. This year it will be weak. But the idyll in terms of prices to Dubai will not last forever, with the departure of LOT the prices will go up again.

Therefore, if you were planning a trip to EXPO it is worth to hurry up, the best prices are still in December, and later in March.

USA is selling better – 4 destinations in TOP11

The opening of the U.S., has opened up sales opportunities in this direction. We can see it immediately in the statistics. In the Top11 of the most popular destinations we have 4 destinations to the USA. Best-selling Miami at 6. In the 10th place, New York is just behind, and in the 10th and 11th place are Los Angeles and Chicago, respectively.

Prices to the USA are encouraging, we can buy Miami freely below 2 000 PLN, and additionally in LOT we have mileage bargains. During these until the end of February you can hunt this direction in super mileage rates. We’ll see how the U.S. will deal with new complications as a consequence of the expansion of the omnivorous mutation of Covid 19.

Phuket made it to the top 10, so did Sri Lanka

Phuket has finally made it into the Top 10, a destination that is expected to be the forerunner of Thailand opening its doors to the world’s tourists. From Poland recently we have really good prices and more airlines are trying to join this race. Sri Lanka is also selling well, LOT started its operations in December, very good prices are still offered by Fly Dubai. Tickets even for the time of school holidays can be bought for a little over 2000 zł.

Superb results of the consolidators, Why Not once symbolically overtakes eTravel

Among the agents, no change, although it can be said that also here we have an even stronger trend of excellent results for those specializing in MICE and consolidation. Noteworthy is the fourth Primapol and sixth Time4Travel. For Primapolis the result is over 50%. of sales of one of the leaders i.e. Why Nota is a sensational achievement. Indicating excellent effectiveness of this agent.

Time4 Travel’s performance above Weco is also symptomatic. Why Not is also very happy – for the first time in history it managed to overtake the result of eTravel. Although at the group level it still remains third in Poland, such an event will not go unnoticed at the company’s headquarters in Kielnarowa. All of eTravel is now on tap.

Of course there would be no success of Why Nota if it was not for the consolidation of the tour-operator market and the excellent sales result of Dubai. Worth noting is also the fact that GAS ranked eighth, an example of good niche management and effective organization. Just behind this agent on the 9th position, a solid Hurra from Ilawa, which can profit from the confusion with insurance/guarantees.

As one of the few agents it has access to the German IATA numbers of its owner from across the Oder.

Business travel market still not up for good, glad to see the MICE segment vibrating, providing sensational sales for exotics. We’ll see what news the next months bring. For now, the big intriguing news today is the strong Korean involvement in CPK construction. It may push LOT to cooperate with Korean Air, which in turn will open many new opportunities for the airline ticket market. Especially on Asian destinations, and above all to Korea itself. And this one is sure to boom again with the opening.

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