Fill in the survey “The role of women in Polish tourism”

Fill in the questionnaire “The role of women in Polish tourism”

The editors of WaszTurystyka and the Centre for Ecological Education Hydropolis invite women working in the broadly defined tourism industry to participate in a survey on the professional situation of women in the tourism industry. The survey is being conducted as part of the Year of Women in Tourism and our aim is to show the real situation of women in the travel industry in Poland.

The survey was conducted for us by the Openfield company.

As part of the study, we want to show the difficulties women face, the differences between men’s and women’s roles, we also want to point out potential and possible directions of changes for the industry.
The survey is fully confidential, we do not collect any personal data. The collected results are only used to prepare statistical summaries.

The survey will take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

We kindly invite you to fill in the survey on this very important issue.

Results of the survey will be presented on the 6th of April at the 10th Tourism Promotion Forum in Orientarium in Lodz.

What’s more, for large companies employing a larger number of women, the Openfield form has prepared an offer of a free survey and comparison of the situation in tour operators to the market average.

As part of the survey, a willing company will receive an individual link to an in-house survey. The collected results will be counted in a general report and the company will receive an individual report on evaluation in the company and comparison with the situation in the tourist market.
The developed tool is a great support for HR policy.

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