Croatian Tourist Community as a Silver Partner of the 10th Tourism Promotion Forum

Croatian Tourist Community as a Silver Partner of the 10th Tourism Promotion Forum

Croatian Tourist Community

In six days, on April 6 at the Orientarium in Łódź, the Jubilee 10th edition of the Tourism Promotion Forum will be held. For the tenth time the Croatian Tourist Community is the Partner.

Croatian Tourist Community has been involved in the Tourism Promotion Forum since the first edition, in the fall of 2016. This is how it is now. For our editorial staff this relation is especially valuable, we can always count on the help of representatives of Croatian Tourist Community in Poland (Agnieszka and Malgosia) and the director of the office – Agnieszka Puszczewicz.

In 2021, Croatia was visited by 13.8 million visitors by 77 percent. more than 2021. They purchased 84.1 million overnight stays, up 55 percent. more than a year earlier.

Polish tourists for the first time reached the number of one million. Ranked third among foreign guests (after Germans and Slovenians).

Agnieszka Puszczewicz in 2021, on the List of 100 most influential people in Polish tourism, was ranked 23. place. As we wrote in the justification: “If someone in Poland is associated with Croatia, it is certainly Agnieszka Puszczewicz. During several years of her tenure she has won not only recognition but also the hearts of the Polish tourism industry. She is an example of understanding the role and work of the national tourist organization. And it is at the Forum that you will be able to meet m.including. Agnieszka Puszczewicz.

The forum will be held on April 6 at the Orientarium in Łódź.

Organised by the editors of WaszaTurystyka, an industry portal.en.

Co-organizers are: The Lodz Tourist Organization and Orientarium at the Lodz Zoo.

The partners are: Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Province, City of Olsztyn, State Enterprise “Airports”, Israel Government Tourist Office, Croatian Tourist Community, Polish Tourist Organization, Gromada, Małokarpacki Wine Trail, Museum of Polish Vodka.

Patrons are: Agencja Informacyjna, Izba Gospodarcza Hotelarstwa Polskiego, Krakowska Izba Turystyki, Polska Izba Turystyki, Polska Izba Turystyki Oddział Łódzki.

Honorary patrons are: Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Tourist Organisation

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