Cargo boom not slowing down – Katowice with records

Cargo boom not slowing down – Katowice with records

One of the super trends of 2021 on the aviation market is still accelerating. Cargo traffic successfully escaped negative trends on the aviation market. Subsequent entities announce new investments in this segment; will there be any surprise from LOT??

Katowice with a record November and an excellent result for the 11 months of 2021

Katowice Airport did not fail to report excellent cargo results for November. They clearly show that strategic investments in the cargo area are already more than paying off.

November was the thirteenth month in a row with an increase in handled cargo traffic, 3210 tons of cargo was generated, i.e. by almost 59%. more than a year ago. Impressively, the statistics on the takeoffs and landings of freighters have also increased. Here the result oscillates around 68 percent. growth.

The dynamics of the results for the full 11 months is also impressive, we have here an increase of 59.3 percent. in volume and 48.2 per cent. in terms of take-offs and landings. So you can see that the end of the year, especially in this last parameter, is very promising, significantly surpassing the average. This is undoubtedly a good sign for 2022.

And yet Katowice is still waiting for further investments supporting this trend. Such a surprise will be launch of a train connection with Pyrzowice. The near completion of the new A1 freeway will also help.

Hungarians have their own freighter – operated by Wizz Air

Many observers of the cargo market have recently pointed out the significant progress that Hungary has made in this area. First of all in the context of the new Silk Road. However, they are not idle in the airfreight sector either.

Just announced the start of operations of the state-owned freighter, 320-200F , which Hungary acquired just last year. The aircraft is to operate mainly to China.

Hungary undoubtedly wants to protect itself in case of another logistical crisis due to shortages of strategic goods, including those needed to fight a pandemic.

It is worth noting the hybrid way of managing the freighter, the space not filled by the state party will be sold on a commercial basis by a selected agent. The aircraft operator of this unit will be Wizz Air, this gives another advantage of easier management of civil aircraft.

As you can see Hungary is persistently building its position in the field of cargo transport from China. Wisely using the advantages of the location on the routes leading to/from many nearby ports and countries of Central Europe/Germany.

Air France announces a new order for all-cargo aircraft

Further good news indicating an excellent economic situation in the cargo sector is also coming from the airlines. These days, Air France airlines have announced the signing of a letter of intent to purchase four A350F all cargo aircraft.

We also have interesting news from Canada. Air Canada has accelerated the incorporation of the first Boeing 767-300 converted to an all cargo model into its fleet. It had its maiden flight on December 9, successively will be joined by other units. The second Boeing is scheduled to be in service in the first half of 2022, providing.In. all cargo flights to Madrid.

Air Canada has announced that growth in the cargo sector is one of the pillars of its new strategy. We regret that a similar opportunity did not live to see the 767s, they would certainly be very profitable units.

CPK will go more strongly into cargo, LOT must also invest in this area

It seems that soon there will also be new information on the activity of the national carrier in the cargo area. The CPK project will indeed orbit towards an overweight cargo component, and this will require strengthening the airline’s capabilities in this area.

One cannot exclude the possibility of trying on the Hungarian model, i.e. Use of state capital to purchase aircraft to be operated by LOT. However, good economic situation in the industry is not favourable for “cheap” investments carried out at the moment, and there are no possibilities of the aforementioned Air Canada.

Certainly, however, Lot will not give up this market, and in planning new routes, the cargo element will be even more important in the future than it has been so far. This may allow LOT to appear sooner than we think, e.g. in Banglore in India or Busan in Korea.

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