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Malopolska – a new promotional campaign “Malopolska – naturally!”


Malopolska –naturally! This is the slogan and leitmotif of this year’s information activities aimed at promoting tourism in Małopolska. From spring until late autumn, there will be no shortage of interesting proposals for spending time in Małopolska, trip plans, recommendations of places and attractions, including those off the main route.

Iwona Gibas from the Board of the Malopolska Region, said: “In addition to the promotion of the numerous tourist attractions of the region, we are also very keen to continue the activities undertaken last year to disseminate the rules of ecotourism. It is extremely important not only where, but also how we travel. Through our communication we want to educate tourists and encourage them to travel around Malopolska in an eco rhythm. Appropriate selection of means of transport, places to stay, local cuisine, respect for nature, culture and tradition will help to preserve the unique character of Malopolska for future generations.

On the visitmalopolska, the FB profile Discover Malopolska, but also other information channels of the Malopolska Region will regularly publish tour suggestions, tourist curiosities, recommendations of unique attractions, announcements of events you cannot miss. The protagonists of information materials and articles will be above all those people and places, which in fact create the unique climate and atmosphere of the region. In addition, travel in Malopolska will be made easier by the VisitMalopolska application, which will not only help to plan the route of the trip, provide the necessary information, but also be a personal virtual guide.

Iwona Gibas added: “We will also be inviting representatives of the tourism industry, hosts of places, attractions and local ambassadors to collaborate in our information campaign. It is their websites and social media profiles that are often the first place visited by tourists looking for information about accommodation facilities or local tourist attractions. We want them to be well informed about what is interesting in the region and to have up-to-date and attractive materials that they can share with tourists visiting them.”

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