MerlinX Partner of the 10th Tourism Promotion Forum

MerlinX Partner of the 10th Tourism Promotion Forum

Xth Tourism Promotion Forum will be held the day after tomorrow, on April 6th in Orientarium in Łódź. The event’s partner is MerlinX, a Wrocław-based technology company known for creating a leading booking system on the Polish market.

MerlinX is a booking system developed by Elektroniczne Systemy Sprzedaży sp. z o.o. In autumn, MerlinX, switched to the innovative React technology. Internet giants, whose products travel companies use every day. Thanks to the new solutions, the Merlinx system has become more user-friendly, and travel agencies have gained the ability to configure the application to their needs. React also made it possible to optimize the system in a rapidly changing web environment.

Once again MerlinX is a Partner of the most important event in the Polish tourism industry.

The Forum will be held on 6 April at the Orientarium in Łódź.

The organizer is the editorial staff of the WaszTurystyka trade

Co-organizers are: The Lodz Tourist Organization and Orientarium at the Lodz Zoo.

Partners are: Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, City of Olsztyn, Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe “Porty Lotnicze”, Israel Government Tourist Office, Croatian Tourist Community, Polish Tourist Organization, Gromada, Małokarpacki Wine Trail, Museum of Polish Vodka, MerlinX

The patrons are: Agencja Informacyjna, Izba Gospodarcza Hotelarstwa Polskiego, Krakowska Izba Turystyki, Polska Izba Turystyki, Polska Izba Turystyki Oddział Łódzki.

Honorary patrons are: Ministry of Sport and Tourism and Polish Tourist Organisation

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