Norwegian debut at Wrocław airport

Norwegian debuts at Wrocław airport

photo. archive Wroclaw Airport

The first plane of the new carrier took off from Wroclaw Airport to Oslo-Gardermoen Airport. This is one of seven novelties in the summer flight schedule. Also flights to Venice-Treviso and Stockholm-Arlanda have been launched, in May they will be joined by those to Turin and in August to Barcelona-El Prat, Tirana and Rhodes.

Oslo-Gardermoen is the largest airport in Norway and one of the largest hubs in Scandinavia. The flight from Wroc³aw to the airport located 48 km north of Oslo takes 105 minutes.

Dariusz Kuś, president of Wrocław Airport, said: “I must admit that we have been very much looking forward to the start of connections to Oslo-Gardermoen airport. Not only because it is a new carrier operating from Wrocław. Norwegian was supposed to take off for the first time from Wrocław two years ago, unfortunately, due to a pandemic the whole operation was cancelled. Now Norwegian has returned to Wroclaw Airport. This is a good sign for passengers, but also for the entire aviation industry.”

From Wroclaw to Oslo-Gardermoen airport we will fly twice a week – on Mondays and Fridays.

More and more passengers

The summer flight network has already aroused considerable interest among passengers. Southern flights in particular are popular, including those resumed in the schedule. From the end of March to 7 April, as many as four destinations recorded more than 90 percent. plane fills. Four other destinations had a load of just under 90%., and five others – between 80 and 90 percent. Among the most popular are Malaga (resumed April 1), Alicante, Palma, Paris, Athens (resumed April 1), Paphos, Dublin or Palermo.

Cezary Pacamaj, vice president of Wroclaw Airport, emphasized: “The lifting of the pandemic restrictions has made passengers more and more willing to decide to travel by air again. The greatest interest is obviously observed in the southern destinations and here we predict that it will grow steadily to reach levels close to 100 percent in the summer. on the most popular routes. The summer flight network favours the planning of city breaks around the weekend. Thanks to this distribution of cruises, we can travel to the most interesting cities of Europe, such as. Rome or Venice without taking days off work.

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