Singapore Airlines seeks new representative in Poland – time for a boost

Singapore Airlines is looking for a new representative in Poland – time for a boost

Airlines are increasingly starting to look for new ideas for sales organizations in off-airline markets. This is also true for Poland, they are in the process of changing the GSA agent for Singapore Airlines.

Gieret is not enough any more, lines are looking for a new impulse

For many years the airline’s representative was Gieret. Affiliated by Marian Szypuła with the largest Polish business agent eTravel. Certainly such synergy was very beneficial for Singapore, as it could count on the support of on-liner sales by eTravel’s OTA agent Lataj.en.

Pandemic prompts airline to seek new impetus. Perhaps the management of Singapore Airlines decided that it is time for a change and after many years of cooperation they decided to organize a competition.

Interviews with candidates for a new airline representative will start next week. The decision will probably be made by the end of the year.

But what is the alternative GSA market in poor condition

Although the search for fresh blood should be assessed positively, one must look at the other side of the coin. GSA market in Poland is in a big hole, loss of customers, lowered salaries and low morale of employees do not allow for optimism.

Basically, the only entity that stands out in this area is Intair, but it puts 100% of its attention into representing Fly Dubai. Potential competition on the line FLYDubai / Emirates and Singpore Airlines rather exclude the possibility of this agent to join the race for representation in Poland.

Other representatives of the market look rather average, loss of clients by Globair or Tal effectively weakened the staff of these companies. Aviareps also has its problems, although this company is kept alive in Poland by TAP Portugal. So the choice will not be easy.

Potentially we can expect a scenario in which one of the competitors will hire a dynamic free-lancer / sales manager to represent Singapore and thus convince Singaporeans.

Another strong argument would be a person based in Poznan/Szczecin, who could penetrate the market of sailors or flights from Berlin on daily basis. As of today, however, none of the GSAs has a branch in the West and does not have such a person.

What Singapore can expect

It is also difficult to determine what expectations Singapore may have of its new representative. Selling airlines via Frankfurt is not easy. Certainly it is still possible to find interesting niches, but it is a job that will bring the expected results only after years.

More can be promised after strengthening of Scoot sales from Berlin. Here, in fact, almost nothing happened commercially on the market. Only Fly4Free published interesting offers for travel m.In to Thailand or Baliik, but it was hardly a GSA/Linie inspired activity.

In times of a developing market of dynamic packages, also for departures from Berlin. You can certainly do something good in cooperation with such agents as Exim, Best Reisen, Top Touristik or Ecco. The last two agents are even based in Poznan, so they know very well the specifics of departures from the German capital.

Will they try on LOT’s inheritance

It’s possible that the change of representative is also due to the long-term strategy under which Singapore Airlines can fly directly from Warsaw. Refreshing the representation in Poland, giving it a new impetus would make sense in this context.

It is certainly a good time to consider flying from Poland. LOT was present in Singapore for a few years, it boosted the MIC market to this destination. Before the pandemic, we also saw the massive popularity of Bali, the Philippines was also growing. LOT had no opportunity to compete for these destinations, it would have been different in the case of Singapore.

It is also worth remembering the new Indonesian initiative of 10 new Balis to create more tourist destinations in this country.

From a long-term perspective, it would certainly make a lot of sense to fly Singapore/Scot from Warsaw in case LOT decides not to continue this route.

As in the past, many market players have taken advantage of the demand for Vietnam. from which the national carrier has permanently withdrawn, so now may be the time for Singapore.

It’s certainly not an easy task for a new airline representative; expectations are high and sales opportunities are few and far between. But perhaps in such a situation it makes all the more sense to reach for fresh blood.

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